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Checking Accounts

A share draft is a credit union checking account.  Better then traditional checking accounts because

  • No monthly Service fees
  • No minimum balance required

The Credit Union is using Main Street Inc. Main Street Inc. is a full service provider of checks and related products for credit unions nationwide. This will enable our Members a greater savings, along with other additional benefits. The cost for ordering personal checks will be approximately $25 for a basic check which is a savings of $7. Online ordering will also be available to members who prefer to place their own orders. Please feel free to call the credit union for more details.

Visa Logo

                                                              Visa Credit Card

To access your Visa Account Information online click on the Visa Logo above. Our Visa card our interest rate is at a competitive rate of 12.99%.  Why not make your day brighter and save! Call for your application today!!

debit card

                                                                      Debit Card

For more information on how to apply for a Debit Card please call the Credit Union. Listed below are a few numbers you may need to change your pin or report a lost/stolen card. Change PIN#1-877-265-9594 Lost/Stolen # 1-800-528-2273 (After Hours)

Payroll Deduction

A painless way to get in the savings habit.  Through participating companies, an amount you set is taken from your paycheck and placed in your desired account.  Loan payments may also be made with payroll deductions or direct deposit.

Direct Deposit

Social Security checks, pension checks, payroll checks or others can be directly deposited into your checking or share accounts at no charge.


Our main business is making loans to members.  Loans are granted to buy new and used vehicles, home improvements.  All loans offer competitive rates.

Save Up To $15 on TurboTax and Get a Chance to Win $25K!

  • Liberty Mutual – Personal Insurance Line


You could save hundreds of dollars on your Auto and Home Insurance! Here’s how: Get exclusive group savings off our already competitive rates. Add extra savings on your home insurance when you insure both your car and home. Obtain additional discounts based on your driving experience,car and home safety features, and more. As a member of the Iron Workers Federal Credit Union , you could save hundreds of dollars a year on car & home insurance with Liberty Mutual.  Here is how: get an exclusive group savings off already competitive rates, add extra savings on both your car and home insurance and obtain additional discounts based on your driving experience, car and home safety features and more. You get service and support where you need it with 24 hour Claim Assistance, 24 hr Emergency Home Repair & optional 24 hr Roadside Assistance. You can reach us online, in person, by phone or via mobile device. We also offer automatic deductions from you bank account, credit card, online payments or direct billing.  The best part you received knowledgeable support, immediate claims assistance and the latest information to help keep you and your family safe. For more information contact the Iron Workers Federal Credit Union at 412-471-1133.

TruStage Insurance & Investments

True Stage Health Insurance Program through Cuna Mutual Financial Group

Your Credit Union has the opportunity to offer cost effective health insurance solutions allowing you to easily choose from a variety of health plans. Our members will be able to compare health insurance plans from carriers, get quotes and estimate available federal tax subsidies-applying them directly to their health plan to receive lower monthly premiums.

It’s another reason to like your credit union: You could save up to $427.96** on average with the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program. Combine auto and homeowners coverage and you could save even more. Besides discounted rates, you could get*:

  • Air bags, automatic seat belts discount
  • Anti-lock brakes discount
  • Auto and home multi-policy discount
  • Auto and home anti-theft devices discount
  • Home safety devices discount
  • Good student discount (B+ or above)



Just when you think you are safe, the Equifax data breach happens. 143 million records were potentially compromised containing over 200,000 credit cards. Affected consumers are at risk from criminals using stolen information to fraudulently open accounts. This means that the most pressing and immediate threat with this breach is identity theft. It’s difficult to entirely prevent identity theft, however, as a member of Iron Workers Federal Credit Union, you can   lesson your risks and sleepless nights by subscribing to an identity theft protection and restoration service through SHERPA® Identity   Protection. SHERPA® is a comprehensive ID protection solution that includes:

  • 24/7 dark web monitoring
  • Social security and address trace
  • Credit score monitoring and tracking
  • Full service restoration and lost wallet services
  • Up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, and more!
  • Ensure your identity is safe! Visit
  • or talk with a member service representative today!

Offering the Right Identity Protection Solution is Critical

Not all services are created equal.  Consumers are looking for a solution that offers more than simply monitoring credit  information to effectively manage the growing risk of becoming an identity theft victim, and are gravitating towards solutions that offer the greatest breadth of services. Additionally, comprehensive solutions are demonstrating higher levels of satisfaction and retention.  Paid subscribers want a solution that provides proactive monitoring of all personally identifiable information—credit and non-credit monitoring, internet surveillance monitoring, social security trace, public records, change of address, etc.—as well as access to full service identity theft restoration specialists.         ►    87% of consumers have significant concerns over their personal information being stolen.

►    82% would likely buy an identity protection service from their financial institution.

SHERPA® Technology and Services

The engine behind SHERPA® is a top-technology  provider of identity theft protection services

Using proprietary software—Digital Ally—for internet surveillance monitoring

Members choose between three levels of protection.

Visit for more details.