Loan Rates

                 Signature Loan:                   As low as 6.50% for up to 60 months                                                                  New Vehicle Loan:             As low as 2.99% for up to 72 months                                                                    New Motorcycle Loan:      As low as 2.99% for up to 72 months                                                                    Used Vehicle Loan:         2019 & newer as low as 4.99% for up to 60 mos.                                                       2015-2018 as low as 5.99% for up to 60 months

  For more information on how to apply for these loans, contact the credit union today at (412) 471-1133 or toll free at (800) 471-4928. Or you may apply today by clicking on all of the links listed below. This allows you to print out all of the loan documents and fill them out at your convenience. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PRINT & FILL OUT ALL OF THE FORMS LISTED BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING. THERE SHOULD BE A TOTAL OF 3 FORMS INCLUDING A 2 PAGE APPLICATION AND THE INFORMATION DISCLOSURE FORM.  Once all of the forms are completed you can either drop them off in person, mail or fax them into us.




Mailing Address:

Iron Workers Federal Credit Union                                                                                                              2201 Liberty Avenue                                                                                                                                          Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Fax 412-471-1547.